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Sunday,  04/05/09  10:29 AM

Greetings - blogging from Salt Lake City, en route to Chicago...  thank you Sprint EVDO.  Mood = good despite my teams having lost yesterday; there are certainly things more important than basketball, right?  (right?)  It was great fun having Nicole out for the week, and Megan has a spiffy new [short!] haircut, and all my girls are good.  And Reggie was purring this morning too; very important to keep your cat happy.  And so a brief filter pass...

Unbelievable that it was only last Sunday I was recovering from the Solvang Double.  Time is passing so  s l o w l y  at the moment...  I guess that's good, right?  I blame Project Q which is occupying a lot of my think time :)

If you have to ask...  Is YouTube a big money loser?  Well of course it is!  Tons of bandwidth, tons of server storage, and no real revenue model; what do you want?  We were all scratching our heads over this back when Google bought them, and there has been no magic since.  These "buy a bunch of eyeballs" acquisitions are always mysterious; see eBay buying Skype for another example, or Yahoo buying Flickr.  There has to be a business model.  I will say Google can absorb the losses better than anyone, and they have time to figure it out.

Related: Can Yahoo out-Google Google in image search?  It will be great to have some competition here; I love and use both, and they will only make each other better.

Steyn Devolder wins FlandersTom Boonen thinks Flanders is harder than Paris-Roubaix, and he should know, having won both.  Steyn Devolder apparently doesn't think so; he won it for the second time in a row yesterday.  Wow.

the world Waldo record is broken :)You have to love this: Rutgers breaks world Waldo record.  Who knew there was such a thing, but congratulations; clearly it was worth doing :)

LGF links a great video on The Basics of Evolution.  If you're reading this blog you probably don't need to watch this (!) but you might want to keep it handy for friends...

Last weekend I noted Microsoft's now-infamous 'Lauren' ad, aka "I guess I'm not cool enough for a Mac", and now we have a follow-up.  But I must tell you I didn't find 'Giampaolo' nearly as compelling.  Price is a big differentiator but tech specs not so much, and Giampaolo even says how sexy the Macbook is...  nope, not nearly as good.

Hey they're boarding my plane...  I'm off.  Please stay tuned...

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