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Saturday,  04/04/09  09:14 AM

My yesterday was good...  how was yours?  Worked through a few people issues, and ended up in a good place.  I'm still on a little high from this week.  Did a little coding.  Took a nice ride.  And best of all, I was able to spend some time on...

Agent Q - my inspirationProject Q.  That's what I'm calling it - for now anyway.  I know, I know, I haven't said anything to you about this yet, sorry for the tease, but until there's a there there I don't want to preannounce.  Please stay tuned.

catch me if you canSo we have a house full of girls - all of our kids have been home this week, including Nicole, visiting from Sicily with her fiance Chris - and yet last night they all went out, and Shirley and I were alone (!).  Whew.  We had some wine and chess and watched Catch me if you can.  The movie was okay, but the quiet night together was excellent.

Obama's with Queen of EnglandIt isn't our biggest problem - at all, compared to say the economy - but President Obama's foreign leader protocols seem a bit weird.  I would have to agree with Mark Steyn: "The First Lady hugs Queen Elizabeth as if she's some granny at a seniors' center photo-op, but the President of this republic prostrates himself before King Abdullah as if he's a subject of the Saudi pseudo-Crown.  This is a very weird presidency.Giving the Queen an iPod was cool but weird, too.

I'm going to Chicago tomorrow, on Delta, and I check in online, and I discover that I have to pay $15 to check a bag.  One little bag.  They call it "excess baggage".  I am never flying Delta again.  What slimeballs.

Note to airlines: charge me $15 for a sandwich, like Virgin does, and you're okay, and I look to fly you again.  Charge me $15 for a checked bag, like Delta, and you're slimeballs and I'll never fly you again.  The optics are entirely different.

"Duplicity"Duplicity.  Looks like I'm going to have to see this one, the rare really positive review of a movie, in the New Yorker.  And the movie itself sounds positively excellent too...

Does your blog need a traffic boost?  Then post a headline like this one: Microsoft destroys FriendFeed.  It works!

Tropicana redesignI'm actually not using Facebook anymore.  First I stopped going to see what my friends were doing, and now I've stopped going to see whether my blog items are posting correctly.  Their redesign has actually changed the service into something I don't want.  Blech.  Not all redesigns work out (e.g. the recent Tropicana fiasco); it would be interesting to know what Facebook's traffic numbers look like...

To get better at math, gorge on Chocolate.  News you can use, from CNet!

Star Wars pool toys - how excellent!Oh, to be a kid again...  Here we have Giant Star Wars Pool Toys.  There could very well be one of these floating in my backyard this summer.  How awesome are these?

ZooBorn: newborn GiraffeOkay, okay, I know you want one: the ZooBorn of the day: a newborn Giraffe.  Have you ever stopped to really look at a Giraffe?  What an incredible animal.  They are commonplace so you don't really think about how strange they are, but man, they are strange.  I love 'em though, especially little ones :)

Okay; that's it.  Now off for a day of coding on Project Q!  While watching Connecticut and Villanova win, of course - fXf...

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