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Tuesday,  03/31/09  10:26 PM

Another instance of "the world's longest day"; I cannot believe it is the end of Q1 already!  (And yet it has been a really eventful quarter, and so much stuff did happen...)  Good news and many good meetings, and did squeeze in a beautiful ride down to Solana Beach and back while watching the sun set.  Life is good.  And meanwhile, it's all happening...

Almost FamousI have decided that Almost Famous is my favorite movie of all time.  I certainly quote from it more than any other, and somehow the ethos of it stays fresh in my mind....  (And... I even really like the poster :)

National Geographic: The Top Ten Toughest Races.  I see that the Furnace Creek 508 is #8...  on my list for later this year...  whew.

'Ran' under sail...Isn't she beautiful?  Wow, the new Ran under sail...  I sometimes have these thoughts about what I would do if I was really rich, and buying a big racing sailboat generally comes to the top of my list :)

Josh Newman, who makes movies, quotes Walt Disney: "We don't make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies."  I love it.  I can't entirely say I don't make software to make money, I make money to make more software - there is always a large racing sailboat lurking in the back of my memory :) - but there's a lot to this...

Stephen Baker observes that Tivo is antisocial.  "This is the big dichotomy of digital entertainment. When we're social, we bend to other people's schedule, but when we take control of the media and enjoy it at our own time, we often do it alone."  Yeah, that's true... but on the other hand some of the most popular digital entertainments are inherently social, like spending time on Facebook.  And you can always invite friends over to watch a game on Tivo!

So now we have Skype for iPhone, and I can't figure out why.  I mean, the iPhone is already a phone, right?  Skype for the iPod Touch I could see...

meep meep!Dave Winer pre-celebrates the launch of Scripting News on April 1, 1997.  Pre-congratulations, Dave!  History does not record if it was even worse than it appears :)

Scott "Dilbert" Adams: The Bald Salesman.  "Generally speaking, a high level of fitness can compensate for whatever imperfect genes your parents gave you. Fitness is enough to achieve good looks if you bother to dress well, take care of your skin, and get a good haircut."  This is so true.  That's one reason I spend a lot of time on my bike :)

The God-Einstein-Oppenheimer dice puzzle.  "Don’t assume there’s an immediately obvious or intuitive answer."  I would never do that.

Eric Sink wants to know Why is Git so fast?  Possibility #3 is "Maybe Git is fast because it's written in C instead of one of those newfangled higher-level languages."  As I emailed Eric, this possibility is more or less likely depending on whether Git is CPU-bound.  If it is, then C matters (a lot!), if not, then not.

Headline of the day: Man driving motorized bar stool arrested for DUI.  I am not making this up.

See you tomorrow...  as always reading News and Blogs on April 1 is treacherous, use caution.  I can remember when Google launched Gmail on April 1, and everyone thought it was a joke, but it wasn't...  making it a great joke :)

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