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proud father

Sunday,  03/01/09  09:19 AM

Last night it was my privilege and joy to take Alexis to Oaks Christian School's annual Father / Daughter Dance.  We had a great time; of course the girls dress up for each other, and the dads dress up for their girls, and the whole thing is rather fun.  In addition to dancing they have all kinds of conversation stimulators; little surveys to take ("how much do you know about your Dad?") and activities ("give your daughter an award for ___").  Pretty cool and I had a wonderful time.  If nothing else it was an excuse to have a nice dinner, one-on-one, and then enjoy some time together, but it was much more; we actually got in some real conversation and [I think] learned a few things from each other.

Here's a picture of a proud father and his cool daughter.  I always say everyone thinks their kids are special, but mine really are, and Alexis is amazing :)