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why you need a new bike this year

Thursday,  02/19/09  11:07 PM

Bicycling: why you need a new bike this year

(When magazine editors appear to be reading your mind :)

First, an update on my weird disaster (wherein my frame was nearly destroyed when a errant coat hanger tore the derailleur out of the dropout)...  my Kestrel frame has been repaired!  I haven't seen it yet, but Edgar at RoadRunner Velo called to say it's all done and looks great.  He's mailing the frame back to my local bike shop, who will then reassemble the frame back into a bike, and poof! I will be back on the road sometime next week.  Yay.

But in the meantime I've been using this as a bike buying excuse, or at least a bike shopping excuse, and obviously Bicycling Magazine agrees...  their latest issue has a comprehensive survey of hundreds of new bikes, including many I've been looking at (and many others I've never heard of).  They do not include any Kestrel models, and especially not the RT800/RT900 which I've been thinking about lately, especially while watching the boys from Rock Racing ride them in the Tour of California.

Rock Racing's Kestrel RT800

I'm going to the Solvang Time Trial tomorrow and there's an outside chance I might be able to hook up with the SoCal Kestrel rep, Brenda Lyons, and an even more outside chance that I could see one of the Rock Racing RT800s close up.  Please stay tuned...

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