Critical Section

Wednesday,  02/18/09  08:54 PM

Ah, what a day; first, you must know in Southern California the days after rainstorms are the best, and today was amazing, my eyes hurt just looking at the sky.  I slept in, and needed it, and was able to settle in and code for a long time, which was great.  I rode Rockstore and had the delightful experience of passing three guys on road bikes while on my mountain bike; see ya...  and tonight we had a great pasta dinner accompanied by Fiddlehead Pinot.  Last item on the agenda is watching TOC stage 4, but first a bit of blogging...

Read it before we sign?Read it before we sign?  What's the worst that could happen...  Powerline compares irresponsible homeowners to irresponsible congressmen.  The comparison is apt, and it is likely to be even more apt as events unfold.  I'm pretty scared.

brass monkey - "it is cold enough to freeze the balls off..."Here's some really useful information from Sailing Anarchy, explaining what it means when it is "cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey".  Stick with me as we learn together :)

Today I received an email announcing my Caltech '79 classes' 30th reunion this summer. Wow.  Just wow.  I cannot believe it has been 30 years, and yet...  it does seem like another lifetime ago, or perhaps two.  Anyway I'm looking forward to it; should be fun.

computers inspired by computers (inspired by kittens inspired by kittens)Remember kittens inspired by kittens?  Well here we have computers inspired by computers inspired by kittens inspired by kittens.  Unbelievable.

Excellent news: Mars winds clean Spirit's solar panels again.  The energizer bunny of space probes keep going and going and going...

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