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Tuesday,  02/17/09  11:53 PM

Another of my long oh-dark-hundred to midnight days...  started in the rain and ended that way, didn't even get to ride (although I squeezed in 1/2 hour on an elliptical trainer).  Manic Tuesday, but at least it's over...

Meanwhile, yeah you know, it is [all happening]...

May I confess to a new pathology?  I have become obsessed with non-breaking spaces.  Now, whenever I type a dash - like in this example - or use brackets [ like this ] I find myself typing Ctrl-Shift-space instead of just space to make sure lines will break in the right place.  This builds on my previous pathology of using two count 'em two spaces after a period.  And in case you're wondering, yes, anal-retentive is hyphenated (with a regular breaking hyphen).

the Trojan PigNooo...  he did it.  $787B.  Unbelievable.  fXf!  Rover Ariail's Trojan Pig cartoon at right says it all (click to enlarge).

Meanwhile oil drops to $35/barrel.  Wow, who knew?

Of course, as the NYTimes helpfully notes, the problem is you're not spending enough.

Dawkins on Darwin.  "Why we really do need to know the amazing truth about evolution, and the equally amazing intellectual dishonesty of its enemies."  A great explanation of what it means for a theory to be "true".  Richard Dawkins is my hero.

Thor Hushovd wins TOC stage 3Norwegian thunder: Thor Hushovd wins TOC stage 3.  Unlike previous TOCs where Sierra Road proved to be a decisive climb, this time it was far enough from the finish that the field came back together for a bunch sprint.  Levi kept yellow, and everything remains the same.  Tomorrow the TOC goes into the Sierras (sort of).  There's a lot of climbing; Astana will probably control the GC contenders and a break could well succeed...

facebook taking over...Pretty classic, Fortune comments How Facebook is taking over our lives.  I wouldn't say it is taking over mine, but it has become an ever-larger part.  In fact when I read this article, it opened in a tab next to...  Facebook | Home, which I now have open much of the time...

Related, Facebook recently changed their terms of service, prompting a blogospheric outrage.  Apparently deleting your account would not, you know, delete your account.  I guess this matters to some people :)

Update: looks like they backed down, the terms of service have been reverted... ]

Green comet approaches Earth!Adam Curry thinks this is underreported: Green Comet approaches Earth.  "Comet Lulin, named after the observatory in Taiwan where the discovery-photo was taken, is now approaching Earth. 'It is a green beauty that could become visible to the naked eye any day now'."  Cool...

Spyker C8 - beautifulTTAC has a review of the Spyker C8.  "All in all, I was charmed by the Dutch supercar."  Lust is thy name, Spyker.  Wow, how awesome...

According to Cult of Mac, Flash for the iPhone is 'wishful thinking'.  Really this speculation will get everyone nowhere.  Apple isn't going to budge on this until they have to - that is, until the Palm Pre is out and it becomes apparent that supporting Flash gives it a big advantage.  They're not going to give up their App Store monopoly easily.

"history" chess set from Boym DesignExcellent: The "history" chess set commissioned by Boym Design.  I'm a sucker for cool sets myself :)  [ via BoingBoing ]

just-born Siamese crocodileSo it isn't a ZooBorn, but it is cute: a just-born Siamese crocodile.  It will be somewhat less cute as it grows older :)

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