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Monday,  02/16/09  10:37 PM

Well I had a productive day today, thanks for asking...  finished up a project which has been hanging fire for a while now, that felt good, and worked on some code and got some bugs fixed, and that felt good, and then charged off into the rain (man, is it ever raining out here) and did a man-against-the-elements ride up Rockstore and down Decker, and that felt good. 

Levi takes over yellow in TOC - stage 2Oh, and then watched stage 2 of the Tour - most of which had weather as crappy as ours - and Levi charged up Bonny Doon road at the end and took over the lead.  And that felt good.

Meanwhile, it's all happening...

Facebook blogcasting...So, I'm trying this "blog posts to Facebook" via Simplaris Blogcast thing, as Rogers Cadenhead suggested, and it works but I'm not sure I quite like it.  Facebook is weird; it seems simple, but you're never sure just exactly what's going on, and what your friends will see.  So right now I have both Twitter linking to Facebook (changing my status whenever I post), and Blogcast posting to Facebook.  If you have an opinion about whether this is working, or what I should do differently, please let me know!

Meanwhile, back in Washington, the WSJ reports Obama's rhetoric is the real catastrophe.  I was - am - rooting for Obama to succeed, but I think now we see what happens when you elect an inexperienced guy who is all talk and no action.  He isn't looking very good, is he?

Currently 38% of all citizens think the spendulous stimulus will help the economy.  And people generally like it when the government spends money on them...

On the other hand, FuturePundit reports Medical Research spending in U.S. to increase by $10B.  I guess there are worse places the money can go, but we don't have it...  keep in mind, my company stands to benefit significantly from this - many of my customers are researchers, and the NIH is already a big customer - but I still don't think this makes sense.

the governator is not amusedAnd now California stands on the brink...  of insolvency.  Love this picture of our governator, he looks like he's not amused...  and he shouldn't be; remember, he's the guy who was elected in a recall of Gray Davis, the last time California stood on the brink.

F-15!Scott Loftesness: The Last Ace and the F-15.  "For more than a quarter century, the speed and sound of a formation of F‑15s or F‑16s has made a commanding statement about American power... You feel its approach before you can hear or see it, a low vibration that starts in your toes and rises until the gray jets flick past overhead. Only then comes the roar."

Some cool news: Palm Pre to sport new Mobile Flash.  So I guess it wasn't that hard to implement Flash on a phone, was it?  It is so great that Palm is pushing Apple now...  pretty soon they'll have to implement Flash, which will upset their whole App Store monopoly...  or just leave that whole part of the market to Palm.

video: the size of the universeThis is absolutely amazing: The Size of the Universe.  You must check this out.

And this is cool: Russia wants to land on Europa.  "NASA is expected to announce next week whether its next mission to the outer planets will target Jupiter’s moon Europa or Saturn’s Titan, but the Russians apparently have their own game plan.  During a week-long meeting in Moscow that ended today, scientists presented ideas for a free-flying lander and small orbiter to study Europa, a long-favored target of scientists in search of life beyond Earth."

the 1992 Lexus SC400TTAC reviews the 1992 Lexus SC400.  "Sometimes you can buy something so unique, so timeless, that you can appreciate it’s qualities even twenty or thirty years later. The Lexus SC400 is one of those rare, outstanding machines."  This is bang-on.  I owned one for 16 years, put 240,000 miles on it, and it ran like a new car when I sold it.  One thing the review doesn't mention: the fantastic Nakamichi sound system.  It [literally] rocked...

Sometimes while blogging I just feel like slipping in something weird, just to see if anyone is paying attention.  Kind of like that scene in Monty Python's Life of Brian where those aliens invade, and you just say to yourself, what the heck was that?

snow on Palomar mountain!Oh, and back to the TOC: Brenda Lyons reports snow on Palomar mountain.  What?  Well I'm planning to be there on Sunday anyway, rain or shine... or snow...


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