Critical Section

jury duty hell

Tuesday,  02/10/09  10:56 AM

I have been summoned for grand jury duty and unlike all other such summons in my experience, have actually been called up.  I am sitting in a jury holding area in Superior Court in downtown Los Angeles for what could be a two-week stint.  I had hoped I could disqualify myself by admitting to be a geek and if pressed would volunteer that I voted for McCain, but it hasn't worked; so far nobody has even talked to me.  I am just sitting here with 300 other people awaiting further instructions.

jury duty hellI brought my laptop in the hope I could at least work while sitting around, but it is a tough slog.  My fellow jurors are determined to be a distraction, conversing loudly with each other and on their cellphones, and multiple televisions are playing CNN full blast.  I have fought back gamely by listening to Michael Schenker on headphones, but it has only been partially successful.  Concentration is tough to maintain in this environment.

I know I should relish performing my civic duty, but I can't help regarding this as a colossal waste of time.  Blech.

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