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Sunday,  02/01/09  11:09 PM

Inebriated blogging...  you have been warned. 

Harrison - super interceptionSo today was the fantabulous Super Bowl, and it was a pretty super game.  I was rooting for Arizona - I like Kurt Warner, and was in fact wearing a Arizona #13 jersey for the festivities - but I guess I'm not totally surprised that the Steelers won.  That play at the end of the 1st half was a killer, your basic 14-point swing.  After that, Arizona did make an amazing comeback, and then Pittsburgh did too - in the last minute.  You pretty much can't ask for more from a game.

I'm not a Bruce Springsteen fan by any means, but I do agree; he delivered in his halftime show.

Oh, and the Super ads (which I watched, since we were not on Tivo) were reasonably super, too...

Yes, I confess I did spend time drinking in the bar with my colleagues after the game, it was great fun.  So be it.  And meanwhile, there's a little happening (on a Sunday)...

Apple and Adobe working together to ship Flash on an iPhone?  Really I don't see it.  Besides whatever technical challenges exist (which can certainly be overcome), having Flash (or any reasonable program runtime on the client) would undermine the Apple app store.  Nonetheless I am rooting for it, fXf...

Ouch: LATimes to cut 300 jobs in latest round.  Will anyone be left to turn out the lights?

Liron Shapira ponders animal morality.  I have to admit, I do too...  I love animals, especially medium rare with a port wine reduction...

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