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Sunday,  01/11/09  05:52 PM

Hi y'all, again...  well, I'm trying something new with Facebook.  Unlike Twitter, which I really don't get, Facebook definitely has a "there" there; I can see the attraction.  I have certain friends who post messages, pictures, status, etc. on Facebook, and it's a pretty cool way to know what they're up to.  There is a signal to noise problem because the friends with the most Facebook activity aren't necessarily the friends who I'm the most interested in following closely, but so be it.

Now that I've wired Twitter to my blog, so that when I post to my blog, I tweet about it, I've also wired Facebook to Twitter, so that my tweets go into my Facebook status.  This means if you're one of my friends on Facebook, you can see when I post something to my blog from my Facebook status.  Who knows, maybe you'll like that :)

Like with Twitter, we'll see whether y'all find this useful; if you have an opinion please share it!