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Thursday,  01/08/09  11:51 PM


  • Pre and Centro side-by-sidePreboard :)Engadget's live feed of the Palm presentation, now an archive.  They do this best.  And here's their summary + specs, and a large photo gallery.  I was struck by the pic at far right, showing that the Pre is smaller than you'd think; smaller than the Centro I'm holding in my hand, right now.  The other picture I like is the keyboard.  From the descriptions, the keys have the Centro rubberiness and clickiness (which is a good thing).  May I be the first to call this a Preboard?
  • ArsTechnica has good info on the webOS.  "As nice as the Pre's hardware is, Palm's webOS is where the real action is. As a dedicated iPhone user, I experienced something very strange and quite unexpected while watching Palm demo the new OS: my iPhone suddenly felt old and played out. It's like Palm started with the iPhone, copied all the best ideas, and then made the whole package better."  The underlying OS is Linux, and the entire UI is Webkit-based.  Most applications are written in JavaScript, with CSS skins.
  • Palm stock price 1/8/09All Things Digital: Pre historic.  They note that investors like the company as much as reviewers like the phone; see the stock price graph at right.
  • Dave Winer: Palm Pre a possibility? "This morning I couldn't imagine why anyone would even go to a Palm press conference, and now I'm on the edge of wanting one of these to try. I'm ready to get off my iPhone, I'm sick of the locked up mentality."
  • Robert Scoble: Palm did what Nokia, RIM, and Microsoft couldn’t: build a better experience than Apple.  "When I sat down at the beginning of the Palm Pre announcement press conference I was expecting to watch the death of a company. Palm? Give me a break. It would NEVER do anything interesting and Nokia, Microsoft, RIM, and especially Apple were about to kick it into the deathbin of history.  I was wrong. WAY WAY WAY wrong."
  • Cult of Mac: Palm Pre Gives Hope That iPhone Will Face Real Competition.  "I am excited that the Pre is good enough to actually make Apple work hard, particularly on the software front. The Palm Web OS has a clear point of view, an attractive look, and some genuinely innovative features, such as the gesture bar and the very cool “wave” application launcher shown above."
  • Pre: backGizmodo: Palm Pre Preview: Simply Amazing.  Nice overview with technical details and many pictures.
    • "The Palm Pre is a lot smaller than I initially thought it would be.
    • "The Pre's Web OS UI and UX really looks great.
    • "The Card system is really a great way to keep your information in front of you and know what you're working on.
    • "The input technology that doesn't involve the screen is also top notch.
    • "The screen is beautiful, and it really shows when looking at photos, which are so bright and colorful, I'd almost say it looks sharper than any other phone.

I can't wait to get in my Pre-order :)

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