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gone skiing

Sunday,  12/28/08  09:29 AM

Sorry I was gone; on impulse my friend Peter and I spent the last couple of days skiing in Mammoth.  We had a fantastic time; it dumped up there Christmas Day, we drove up early on Friday and skied in fresh snow with the sun shining, then had an even better day yesterday as it warmed up and drove back last night.

what could be better than skiing
on such a winter's day?

the view from the lift back down into the valley

decisions, decisions :)

fresh powder - yay

your blogger is happy

the top of Mammoth at sundown

Anyway it was a great trip and reminded me how fun it is to be spontaneous.  Life is too long to plan it all out.  We saw Yes Man the other day, and the message was/is cool.  Want to go skiing?  Yes!

[ It's been quiet in the blogosphere but there is stuff of note; I'll catch up, please stay tuned... ]