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Thursday,  12/25/08  02:00 PM

Woo hoo!  Christmas!  I hope you are having a peaceful and wonderful day with those you love...

So around here it has not all been peaceful and wonderful.  Last night our Christmas Eve was interrupted when Shirley's Mom passed out at the dinner table and had to be rushed to the emergency room in an ambulance.  Turns out she was "just" dehydrated (don't be fooled that can be serious!) but it made for a rather dramatic evening as we celebrated Christmas at midnight in the ER at Tarzana Hospital.  She was able to come home and is now fine, whew.

And so we slept in, and Santa arrived on schedule and made his deliveries, and we exchanged gifts, and ate candy, and are now hanging out with the smell of Shirley's chili in the air, and the pleasant sound of pouring rain from outside...  I'm debating whether to ride, kind of leaning toward it, actually...  we'll see.  And I'm wearing a wonderful tee-shirt presented by my daughters:

Ole Christmas tee-shirt w Alex and Jordan
Alexis, me, Jordan
(note "I'm blogging this" inscription, among others :)

This is football watching season; I have my Tivo armed and ready...  a tip for those of you looking to program your Tivo, after you've selected Sports, don't select Football, instead page down 10 times (yep 10 count 'em 10 pages) to Sports Event.  This will find only football games, as opposed to all the other football-related crap that you're not looking for....  {note to Tivo people, it would be really good if we could do both, select Football and Sports Events, so as to exclude things like Hockey games and poker tournaments (!)...}

Okay, well so much for blogging, I'm off to ride man against the elements; see you on the other side...

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