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Monday,  12/22/08  09:41 PM

For some reason I am really looking forward to Christmas this year, can’t put my finger on why.  And was just talking to some friends who felt the same way.  Do you?  Well it’s a good thing!  Three days left!

Meanwhile, it's all happening...

Speaking of "it's all happening" (a line from Almost Famous as I'm sure you know), I have to link A Signature Cadence which quotes one of my favorite scenes in the course of making some great points about sincerity and truth and realness.  What part of my blog seems like it is "me"?  (Hopefully, a lot of it!)

Arnold would like to be PresidentArnold has confessed he would like to be President.  Nobody is shocked.  Actually I would like him to be President.  I think if you've been a citizen for a sufficiently long time that should be enough; you don't have to be born here...

SpaceShipTwo makes maiden flightVirgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo makes maiden flight.  Excellent!

Mike Arrington says Robert Scoble needs a FriendFeed intervention :)  Interestingly Robert seems to agree.  Everything in moderation...

free time vs. moneyJosh Newman graphs free time vs money and reports he is at the mean.  I fear he is hopelessly optimistic, the curve does not naturally go back up.  You have to add a lot of energy to make that happen...  I for one have never been able to do it.

Joel Spolsky notes (from the department of badly chosen defaults) that IE can too use bilinear interpolation for resizing images.  Who knew?  I have always resized the images before posting them out of distrust for browsers' ability to do this well.

baby otters!ZooBorns of the day: baby otters!  OMG are they adorable.

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