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home grown feeds

Monday,  12/15/08  10:23 PM

Today I was looking through my RSS feeds and suddenly noticed that Wired News' feed contains ads!  So you know what that means, yep, I made a home-grown feed for it...  I have a little cottage industry here reformatting feeds and scraping home pages to include entire content, include direct links, synthesize permalinks, and eliminate ads.  Here's my current collection:

site site's feed my home-grown feed why I did it

Ann Althouse

eliminate ads and other cruft

Cycling News

make a feed for daily news

Digg - science

link directly to content

Digg - technology

link directly to content


entire content including embedded links


entire content, eliminate ads and cruft

Sailing Anarchy

make a feed for posts; support permalinks


link directly to content

Wired News

eliminate ads and other cruft

You're welcome!