Critical Section

of stupid stickers, plastic, and cases

Thursday,  12/11/08  09:30 PM

stupid PC stickersThis is a public service announcement: it is okay to remove those stupid stickers from your PC.  You know, the "Designed for Windows" and "Intel Inside" and "Centrino" and all the rest.  Who knows how it started that all those companies could pay all that money to stick all those ads on your computer, but once you own it, guess what?  You can remove them!  Really really.  This seems to have escaped most people so I just thought I'd tell you.

iPhone plastic wrapAs long as I'm on the subject, in the same category we have that protective plastic that wraps new electronic toys.  You are allowed to remove the protective wrap after you own the device!  Like your iPod or iPhone.  I have a colleague who left the protective plastic on his iPod Touch so it would protect his device, and now it is all peeling off and curling and tattered and looks like hell, but I guess it is still protecting his device - just not from looking awful.  Again, not obvious to some, so I thought I'd mention it.

And finally, since the people who make iPhones and so on do their best to make them thin and beautiful, why use a case?  It just makes the device thicker and uglier.  Trust me, in 100% of the cases (p.i.) the case looks worse than the device.  You might think you are making a statement, but you might not realize that the statement is "I didn't know I didn't need a case".  You are allowed to stick your phone in your pocket or purse without a case, and no babies are gonna die!

You're welcome.


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