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Tuesday,  12/09/08  09:54 AM

Man, it was cold today - 40s! - and windy...  really felt like winter.  (No I did not ride, what do you think I am, crazy?)  I spent the day hunkered down in my office, working while listening to the wind howl. 

Well actually I did escape this morning for an important trip to the valley, I picked up the fantabulous Team Aperio 2008 mugs (which I get to give out on Friday in conjunction with our Christmas Holiday Party), and enjoyed myself wandering around the Topanga Mall.  Can I just tell you, I love shopping, I love malls, and I especially love shopping in malls at Christmas.  I know, weird.  What can I tell you?

I can report that the mall was uncrowded.  Whether this is a sign of the times, or just Tuesday morningness, I cannot say.  I will return next week for a better data point :)

Douglas EngelbartThis is so cool: celebrating the 40th anniversary of the mouse.  Click through and check out that demo by Douglas Engelbart (in 1968), he was the man.  Imagine how it would feel to develop something like that, and to see what it has become today?  So cool.  Wired has their take also: the mother of all demos; they labeled the picture at left "Douglas Engelbart, the father of the mother of all demos" :)

"you wouldn't buy our shitty cars, so we'll be taking your money anyway"BoingBoing has a message from the auto industry: you wouldn't buy our shitty cars, so we'll be taking your money anyway.  I'm afraid that's the size of it.

Well this sucks; ads coming soon to a paused Tivo menu near you.  "According to a press release issued today, TiVo will now offer ad space on its pause menu.  Designed to outsmart those who fast-forward through the ads (we assume that's almost everyone at this point, right?) buyers will be able to target viewers of a specific show, or they can opt to 'cast a wider net' and advertise within genres or keywords of program descriptions."  This is what not taking care of the customer looks like.  I haven't seen this yet, but as soon as I do I'm going to complain.  Maybe if we all complain, they'll back off.

Here we have the ukulele version of "while my guitar gently sleeps", by virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro.  It is better than you think, even if you think that already.  Check it out.

snowflake under a microscopeSnowflakes as you've never seen them before....  incredible microscopic views...  done by a researcher at Caltech.  Beautiful!

Coffee!Coffee.  I love it (and I love coffee).






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