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Sunday,  11/23/08  10:23 AM

Sunday morning, and it's all happening...  (including an invasion of 11-year-olds here, as my daughter Megan hosts a surprise Birthday party for a friend; I plan to escape on my bike :)

Eric Raymond celebrates Victory in Iraq day.  (Really, it was yesterday)  "The good guys - Western Civilization, the Coalition of the Willing, the United States, and the people of Iraq - won this war. The bad guys - Saddam Hussein’s regime, al-Qaeda’s jihadis, all their allies and enablers - lost it. The entire world will be a better place because of this victory. And that is a proper thing to celebrate."  Indeed.

Google SearchWikiGoogle has added a new feature called SearchWiki to their search results; it allows you to vote up results, or delete them.  This customizes your results, for you; whether the input is incorporated into everyone's results isn't clear.  Michael Arrington doesn't like this feature, but I guess you can always ignore it and no harm done [Update: and Robert Scoble likes it].  To me it adds clutter without adding value.  I wouldn't be surprised if they conclude it doesn't help, and get rid of it...  this is the classic "me me look at me" new feature symptom; they should have made this a non-default option, but they didn't.

A look out the window: Dayton OhioCNN with a beautiful feature: a look out windows all across the United States.  I didn't look at all of them, but the one at right caught my eye, from Dayton, Ohio.  I have friends who are spending Thanksgiving with their families back in Ohio, the weather there sure is different to the weather here...  I'm planning a ride later and don't know whether I'll even need long sleeves.  One thing that's the same; my cat Reggie is looking out my window right now :)

Space Shuttle Endeavor as seen from the ISSSpace Shuttle Endeavor approaches the International Space Station with its cargo bay open, wow, what an amazing picture.  In fact the whole sequence of pictures is amazing, please click through and check 'em out!  (Is it just me, or has the press increasingly ignored our adventures in space?  Perhaps people feel there are more important things going on in the world, but this stuff is still "wow" to me...)

UT Austin high-resolution displayUT Austin creates the world's largest video display, 75 displays in an array comprising 307M pixels.  Very cool, it will be perfect for viewing digital slides :)

From eFluxMedia: Research: Exercise May Diminish Cancer Risk.  "Regular exercise can help sufferers in the fight against cancer, according to new research.  Researchers believe that exercise equivalent to a 30-minute walk five times a week can help prevent cancer, slow the disease’s progress, enhance recovery and prevent its recurrence."  This doesn't seems like a breakthrough revelation - exercise is good for all of us, anyway - but it is another reason to take a break from watching football and go for a bike ride :)

what is crazy? - kayaking down a dam spillway...The Horse's Mouth asks (and answers) the question: What is Crazy?  (Here we have two guys kayaking down a dam spillway; click for a larger pic and more of them...)

Bond... James BondHalley Suitt links the definitive Bond... James Bond video sequence...  for me Sean Connery will always be the James Bond.  I haven't seen Quantom of Solace - I plan to, of course - but good as Daniel Craig might be, he'll still be a stand-in for the original.  One key difference, Craig's 007 never seems to be smiling, while Connery's always did...  a sign of the times?

Finally - and this is cute - Obama daughters bond with Bush girls...  apparently the key learning was how to bounce on the White House beds.  I love it.


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