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Thursday,  11/20/08  09:36 PM

I need an attitude adjustment...  spent the whole day "behind" (after being up late last night, and sleeping in), and never caught up.  I have more to do than I could possibly do in a day, nothing different about that, but it is the negative delta that makes me feel behind.  Some days you have more to do at the end than the start, blech.  Even worse I felt so behind that I didn't ride, which of course took away something which makes me feel good and added guilt :(  Maybe blogging will make me feel better?  We'll see...

Jason Fried explains why the Drudge Report is one of the best designed sites on the web.  Despite being really ugly.  I have to agree, actually.  I don't visit the Drudge site often - I use the RSS feed - but the one-page site is definitely iconic. 

Philip Greenspun has an economic recovery plan for the United States.  It's pretty comprehensive and defies synopsis; please click through and check it out.  I don't agree with Philip on everything, but he makes sense. 

Topspin CEO Ian Rodgers on the death of the music CD business: "I don't care".  Nobody does, least of all artists or fans.  The music business is thriving, but it has changed dramatically, too. 

This looks Amazing: the Oblong demo, courtesy of Brad Feld, an investor.  The interface is very Minority Report -like.  Whether it could be used for useful programs remains an open question; it sure would be great for games...  Slashdot has more

The other day I noted Google's new voice search for the iPhone... well it turns out apparently it uses private iPhone APIs to interface to the proximity sensor.  How interesting... now we have to ask, did Apple provide the info to Google?  If Google reverse engineered the APIs, did Apple know?  They've apparently allowed an application which violates their terms-of-service to be in the App Store, did they do this deliberately? 

The cutest thing you'll see today (or possibly any other day): the furby-like Indonesian Pygmy Tarsier, thought to be extinct but now found!  How great is that? 

Very cool: Adobe releases a C++ compiler for the Flash runtime.  This could potentially be really helpful for me / Aperio...  a way to port server subroutines into a cross-platform client.  Performance could be an issue, but still. 

Bertalan Meskó on the Evolution of Writing.  I agree that blogging is an evolutionary step from writing, but not so with Tweeting...  that seems like an evolutionary step from texting.  I still don't get Twitter, even after Bertalan's explanation

Related: Robert Scoble left a message on FriendFeed: "I invested a lot of time this year in FriendFeed and Twitter instead of my blog. Was that the right decision?"  Bertalan thinks it was, but I don't, at least not if Robert's goal is to reach as many people as possible with his ideas.  Twitter and FriendFeed are echo chambers consisting of people you already know, while a blog is read by many more people many of whom you don't know.

Do I know you?  See :)