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Wednesday,  11/05/08  06:07 AM

Obama winsI think everyone uses the word 'historic' to describe Obama's victory.  In the end, it was a landslide.  The people of America voted for change, in these times, they believed a new guy from a new party with a new viewpoint was the best solution.  Let's hope they are right!

The stock market rose strongly yesterday but [so far] is down this morning.  Probably just short-term profit-taking.  "Wall Street prepared to cash in some of the previous session's big gains Wednesday, focusing on the weak economy after Barack Obama's election to the White House.Tuesday's election results weren't surprising to the market, except perhaps in terms of the wide margin by which Obama beat John McCain. Rather, investors appeared to be gauging the economy's troubles again, and acknowledging the fact that stocks have recovered so sharply despite dismal data."

Obama will have friends in high places; the Democratic party picked up 15 seats in the House, and gained five Senators.  He'll have a solid majority to carry out his plans.  All of which leaves Republicans pondering their path to renewal.  Of course the pendulum will swing, particularly if the economy does not recover.  I'm hoping the economy recovers quickly and the Democrats will keep their majorities as a result; we'll see.

election results: 2008 vs 2004In the Economist's review of Obama's victory they posted an interesting map (at left) which compares the 2008 results to 2004; you can see Obama carried all the "blue" states Kerry won in 2004, plus many more besides; Indiana, Ohio, Florida, and Virginia were the biggest states to switch.  They also report [as you would expect] that Europeans Cheer Obama Victory.  My Mom will be happy :)

Closer to home, the LATimes reports: 1A high-speed rail is going to pass, 2 farm animal treatment has passed, 3 children's hospitals has passed, 4 abortion notification is not going to pass, 5 drug offense rehabilition has not passed, 6 criminal justice reform has not passed, 7 renewal energy has not passed (good; too expensive and not the way to do this), 8 gay marriage ban is going to pass (that sucks, wow), 9 victims rights has passed, 10 alternative fuels has not passed, 11 redistricting is ahead (barely, boy, I hope that makes it), and 12 loans for veterans has passed.  So be it.  It looks like after all that prop 8 is going to pass which really surprises me.  According to the LATimes article, 18,000 gay couples have married in the last 4 1/2 months, wonder what their status will be?

The Ventura County Star reports Elton Gallegly has been reelected, my U.S. Representative (good), Tony Strickland will be my California Senator (good), and his wife Audra Strickland has been reelected as my California Representative (good).

Well so be it.  I for one am ready to take a break from politics, probably you are too.  Have a great day!


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