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Wednesday,  10/29/08  11:32 PM

I've been attending Aperio's Pathology Visions conference since Sunday, and just got home.  Whew.

I now have 134 unread emails in my inbox, and 1773 unread items in my RSS reader.  Not to mention pages and pages of notes scribbled during the conference, as well as minutes from several meetings which I hosted.  All of which have to be read, collated, filtered, and processed.  I know, I know; cue the violins.  (You can read more about my experiences at the conference here, and here, and here.  Not to mention reading about my Midway experience, which has stayed with me...)

So now what?  Well, I have to slog my way through those emails, and skim those unread items.  Are they all interesting?  No.  Is it my job to filter them for you?  Yes.  Stay tuned :)