Critical Section

Thursday,  10/23/08  09:40 PM

Ha - did Rockstore again - this time even under two hours (but who's counting)?  So that was good...  Aperio is hosting a major digital pathology conference next week - Pathology Visions - and I wrapped up some work for that, which was good too.  And our new release is in beta at five sites, so far so good.  And...  I watched baseball with Smokey.  So it was a good day :)

My friends are all over the political map - some left, some right, many in the middle - and they don't agree on who's going to win, either...  seems some people are predicting an Obama landslide, and some a McCain surprise.  Nov 4 should be an interesting day :)

GnomesThis book is the awesomest...  Gnomes.  I've had it since I was hardly larger than a Gnome myself.  And now John "I'm a PC" Hodgman has posted about it; he thinks it is awesome, too.  And points out what we all know, that the authors are Dutch...

Enceladus up close!As you know, I'm a connoisseur of Saturn pictures, so I loved this gallery of Enceladus up close.  "Saturn's tiny, icy moon Enceladus has recently been visited by NASA's Cassini orbiter on several very close approaches - once coming within a mere 25 kilometers (15 miles) of the surface.  Only about 500 kilometers wide (310 miles), it is very active, emitting internal heat, churning its surface, and - through cryovolcanism - ejecting masses of microscopic ice particles into Saturnian orbit.Amazing.  (I've actually run out of adjectives for this stuff.)

Moonwalker Buzz Aldrin thinks the first humans to visit Mars should plan to stay there...  certainly the first colonist to the "new world" of America had no expectation of ever returning...  interesting.  You would definitely get a different class of volunteers.  Which would have implications for the first human society on Mars.

Lala!Still liking Lala, in case you're wondering.  It has actually become part of my daily routine...  I haven't exhausted my 50 free songs yet, mostly just listening to songs from the cloud.  Not clear if the 10¢ per song cost will add enough friction to get me to stop using it.  I don't think so.

Dave Winer is running Windows on Amazon.  Hmmm...  That sure has possibilities...


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