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loudest bands?

Friday,  10/17/08  07:47 AM

So last night I had a late long drive home - yes, I am still enjoying my little Dash, by the way, and it took me on a new route which didn't make any sense but only cost an extra 10 minutes - and I was really tired and struggling to stay awake.  So I stopped a few times to get a Diet Coke, and I played LOUD MUSIC.  My ears are still ringing, but I got home safely :)

Which leads to me ask the question - what bands sound the best loud?  I had a great time randomly scanning my collection of 10,000 old rock songs to figure this out.  Here's my short list of finalists, in ascending order of loudness:

  • Europe.  Seriously loud vocals laid over driving guitar.  I recommend the Final Countdown, and Ready or Not.
  • Rush.  Oh yeah.  Red Sector A will keep you awake.
  • Black Sabbath.  An oldie but goodie, pioneers of basting rock.  Heaven and Hell is exhibit A.
  • Deep Purple.  One of my favorite bands from way back.  Smoke on the Water has to make the list, but Highway Star is on top.  Solid wall of sound.
  • Van Halen.  Of course, they must be on the list, for Jamie's Cryin if not Panama.  Maxwell Jump is pretty good loud, too.  In fact there is no Van Halen song which ins't great at volume.
  • Threshold.  Had to get a prog rock band on the list, right?  Try Critical Mass for 13+ minutes of loudness.
  • ZZTop.  Imagine those boys swaying in unison, as you reach for the volume knob playing Under Pressure.
  • Metallica.  Listen to Unforgiven or Enter Sandman at volume, and you'll find the secret to the world.
  • Def Leppard.  Does their music sound great loud or what?  The ultimate is Foolin', but I have to call out Rock of Ages for the classic "gunter gleiben glauten globen" beginning.

Styx - the Grand IllusionAnd out of all of this, my choice for the loudest band (the band whose music sounds best loud)... is...

  • Styx.  Really there is no content - Miss America, Lady, Too Much Time on My Hands, Man in the Wilderness...  it all sounds fantastic at full volume.  If you ever need to stay awake late at night, and you're fortunate to have a powerful stereo, Styx it is.  And my very favorite really loud song is Castle Walls.  Blam!

Your ears may disagree.  Please, let me know what you think :)


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