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Wednesday,  10/15/08  10:27 PM

L o n g  day today...  whew.  Tired.  And a bit discouraged.  Today I found myself wondering, what's it all about?  Why do we work so hard?  What's the endgame?  Strange, I started out refreshed, feeling good, but somehow the day wore me down, and a business dinner finished me off.  Blech.

I didn't watch tonight's debate, did you?  What did you think?  The pundits seem to be scoring this one for McCain, slightly, but with the proviso that "it wasn't enough".  Maybe they're just being nice since the polls are showing he doesn't have a chance anymore :) 

Dave Winer had an interesting idea for Obama: "say something nice".  I wonder if he did?

Here's the NYTimes recap...  they concede that McCain scored points, but don't think he scored enough, apparently...

At least - this time - it wasn't boring...  maybe I should have watched :)

Presenting the Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awards for 2008...  Biggest winner appears to be the Aptera electric car.  [ via Instapundit

Check out this blog post from Elon Musk, my ex-boss at PayPal and one of the people I admire most, founder and CEO of SpaceX (which recently launched the first privately-financed satellite into orbit), and also founder and [now again] CEO of Tesla, one of the first viable electric car companies.  Note this especially: 

One of the steps I will be taking is raising the performance bar at Tesla to a very high level, which will result in a modest reduction in near term headcount. To be clear, this doesn’t mean that the people that depart Tesla for this reason wouldn’t be considered good performers at most companies – almost all would. However, I believe Tesla must adhere more closely to a special forces philosophy at this stage of its life if we aspire to become one of the great car companies of the 21st century.

An interesting way to position a RIF.  Hmmm…

Walt Mossberg reviews the Google G1, and likes it quite a lot.  Here's the part that interested me: "By far, the G1’s biggest differentiator is that it has a physical keyboard, which is revealed by sliding open the screen.

Boo - didn't watch the game (good thing), but the Phillies trounced the Dodgers 5-1 this afternoon to wrap up the NLCS.  Crudbongers.  I was really looking forward to seeing the Dodgers back in the Series, I guess we'll have to wait 'till next year.  Between Philadelphia, Boston, and Tampa Bay I have no rooting interest in the remaining teams whatsoever.  I'll probably root for Tampa Bay, since they're the underdogs...  go Devil Rays!