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Tuesday,  10/07/08  11:17 PM

Whew, long day...  First in a while where I woke up to an alarm instead of sleeping in...  (yeah, I know, cue the violins...)  So up at 0400, drove down to Vista, had a day of meetings, including one over dinner (!), and drove home.  I am a bit tired...  still good to get back in the swing of things.

McCain vs ObamaSo tonight was the great debate!  Nearly everyone agrees it was BORING...  I fear this was McCain's last chance to win, and he didn't...  All Obama had to do was not lose, and he is really good at not losing.  It is amazing how the Republicans are being blamed for the current financial "crisis", despite Democratic policies being at the back of it; I guess the party in power always gets blamed for anything bad that happens, especially when George Bush is President, and McCain gets tarred with the Republican brush.  It kind of makes for a can't-lose situation.  Still, the Democrats have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory before, they can do it again...

Angels - Red SoxSo sad about the Angels, oh well...  Weird isn't it that they had the best record in baseball, and never looked like they were really competitive against the Red Sox, and the Cubs had the best record in the NL and yet they never looked like they could beat the Dodgers.  The postseason is definitely different, especially those five-game series where two hot pitchers can get you through.  So now I am rooting for Tampa Bay, and of course the Dodgers.  No baseball today and none tomorrow!  What will I do...

Another one of these great studies suggests red wine may protect against lung cancer.  Who wants lung cancer?  Man, pass the Merlot...

Windows 7 PDC videoWatch this Microsoft video, and then tell me, is there anyone on Earth who could possibly think this is a good thing?  (I must confess, I could not watch it all the way through; it was too cringe-inducing.)  This barely works as parody, it is so bad...  The tin ear of Microsoft marketing is honestly amazing.



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