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the ultimate driving machine

Wednesday,  10/01/08  10:46 PM

I'm in San Diego, and I'm walking along the nice little boardwalk between the convention center and the bay, convalescing, and I see something up ahead...  what the heck is that?  ...  it looks like, huh ... holy crap, IT IS -- TRIZILLA!

Yep, right in front of me, there it was, good ‘ol BMW Oracle just arrived, and they let me walk into the compound and take pictures and everything.  Of course I only had my cameraphone so they’re crummy pics. 

The sheer size and scale of this monster are tough to grasp until you’re standing next to it.  I think the spar was the most amazing thing of all – seemed like it was ten feet wide, and two hundred feet long. 

Here is a picture of the bird in flight, you may remember from an earlier post:

90' long x 100' wide x 160' high.  It could go under the Coronado Bridge.  With 15' to spare :)

What an amazing craft. I’d sure love to take it for a test drive :)