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Saturday,  09/06/08  11:54 PM

(In which your intrepid blogger, having survived Friday night in Little Italy, presenting at a medical imaging conference in New York, and dinner at Keen's Steakhouse, attempts to survey the blogosphere...)

BMW/Oracle trimaran: the ultimate driving machine!Wow, check out this picture of the new BMW/Oracle trimaran (click to enbiggen).  The ultimate driving machine!  More pictures from Sail World are here.

NIN!Tim O'Reilly attends a Nice Inch Nails concert: I am trying to believe (that rock stars aren't dead).  "At 43, Trent Reznor can certainly still grab an audience by the throat and shake it. It was a fantastic show; the kind of show that has you checking to see if there are other tour dates within driving distance.  During a short break in the sonic and visual mayhem, Reznor spoke for a moment and told us emphatically to steal his music."  After a read-worth discussion (you should read it), he concludes: "The Rock Star's life style is going to go the way of Sun's multiples".

chrome OSnormal OSTed Dziuba on Chrome: A Web OS? Are You Dense?  Ted's rants are always worth reading for his sarcastic humor, even if (as in this case) they are overblown and a bit off the mark.  His argument is neatly summarized by the two excellent diagrams at right :)

Robert Scoble to Demo startups: your website sucks!  He makes some good points (your home page has to say what you do), and some bad ones (since when is video a good thing to use on a home page?  since never...)  I also don't know that saying the startup is exhibiting at Demo is that important, I mean, their investors might care, but their customers probably don't.  (Boy, it has been a long time since I've linked Scoble...  welcome back :)

I love this refutation of evolution, by Mahmoud Zahar: "After all, a donkey can eat shrubbery and survive, but a human cannot.  'So, a donkey is more evolved than a human? No!'".  The logic is stunning.  Perhaps donkeys are more evolved than some humans :)


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