Critical Section

Tuesday,  08/26/08  11:41 PM

Long day today... up with the moon (0400), drove down to Vista, many meetings (it's all happening), bike ride (brief, up and down the beach from Carlsbad to Camp Pendleton), working dinner (release planning), drove home, blogged about it.

I mentioned earlier that I didn't think the DNC convention was blogworthy, as nothing was going to happen there.  Guess I was wrong, Obama has dropped three points since the convention started.  Who ordered that?

SmokeySo I mentioned we have a Guinea pig puppy?  Well this little guy talks a lot... and it turns out, they can really communicate.  He really seems to enjoy human attention; when you walk in, he starts chatting, and when you pick him up, he either "weeks" (I'm not happy) or "burbles" (I'm happy).  Way cute.

Sign of the times: the homeowners know the truth in California.  "California’s free-falling home prices sparked a fourth straight month of year-over-year sales gains during July, the California Association of Realtors reported Monday.  Median sales prices were down a record 40.3 percent from July 2007, CAR reported. ‘Deeply discounted, distressed sales continue to drive volume in many regions of the state."  This on a blog called the housing bubble, the existence of which is a real sign of the times...

So, if you're stuck using Vista, here are some workarounds for common annoyances.  Man, some people are trying so hard...


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