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Tuesday,  07/22/08  11:01 PM

Worked from home today, as whatever affected my voice Sunday has begun to affect the rest of me today.  Crud, I do not want to be sick!  Courage...  Meanwhile there's a ton going on at my office, my home, and my world...

Speaking of courage, several of you emailed to comment on the danger in climbing Whitney.  Well, yeah.  As I reported, if I'd known what I was in for, I probably wouldn't have done it...  I must say it did feel safer than some of the mountain biking I've done, where due to the dynamic nature the danger feels a bit more uncontrolled than it does on a climb.  I'd pick the Porcupine Ridge ride in Moab, Utah, as the most dangerous thing I've done.  Whew!

Dave Winer: We won in Iraq a long time ago.  "Remember when our troops marched into Baghdad, took the place over, drove Saddam into a hole and arrested or killed the government.  Then we disbanded their army.  When you go to war that's what victory looks like.  Then came the occupation.  There is no such thing as winning an occupation.  You either continue to occupy or withdraw.  It's semantic nonsense to apply the verb 'win' to the noun 'occupation.'"  Well, yeah.

Cyril Dessel wins stage 16!A fascinating TDF stage today, with two huge HC climbs and a downhill finish.  There were two packs over the top of the last climb, a lead group which splintered down the descent, and which fought over the stage victory (Cyril Dessel [pic at right] prevailed), and the group containing the leaders, which also fragmented downhill, wreaking some havoc; most of the leaders stayed in contact with each other, but my favorite Denis Menchov lost about 30 seconds, which could be crucial, and Christian Vandevelde sadly lost over two minutes and appears to have fallen out of contention.  Tomorrow's stage will decide the Tour, I think; three big climbs culminating with an uphill finish on l'Alpe d'Huez.  Of those left you'd have to pick Cadel Evans as the favorite, given his time trialing ability; Menchov will have to attack to have a chance.  I must say, this has been a great tour....

Madison's thought bubbleIn the LATimes' photo contest: Madison's thought bubble...  Madison happens to be my daughter Megan's best friend :)

Robert Scoble: Why tech blogging has failed you...  stick with me, my friends and readers, I will not fail you :)

Halley Suitt: It's the Team, stupid.  Besides making a good point (!) I love it that she's posting again.  Yay!

don't trip!Don't trip!  Glenn Reynolds catches a dynamic sign in action :)

This is pretty cool: The September 2008 cover of Esquire will feature an e-ink cover.  A collector's item to be savored, for sure.  [ via Kottke ]

Font conference.  If you think this is funny, you might be a nerd (I was ROFL)!



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