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Thursday,  07/17/08  11:25 PM

So I’m still on the road - in Irvine, CA - and I’m feeling happy so I thought I’d share :)  So...

We had a good board meeting today – I had a strategic initiative for which I wanted mindshare, and after a productive discussion was able to make good progress.  After work I drove up here – was treated like a king by the Irvine Marriott people – and took a great ride up the coast to Bolsa Chica.   On the way back I had a tailwind and flew down along the beach; I love that feeling where you seem to be stationary while the Earth is spinning beneath your tires.   A quick shower and then on to Il Fornio for an admirable strip steak, rare, with a nice Oregon Pinot.   (Yes, I confess, I am a carnivore.)   I had a cute waitress who flirted shamelessly, and comped me a tiramisu for dessert.   Paired with an ’80 Grahams port it was wonderful.   (Yes, I confess to a tragic weakness for vintage port.)   Overall a fantastic meal experience.

So here I am, typing up notes from the day, feeling rather pleased with myself, and thought I’d share the feeling.  I hope YOUR day was as good!

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