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Saturday,  07/05/08  01:46 PM

So, how about a mid-day Saturday post?  I want to make a pass on the blogosphere and this seems like as good a time as any.  I spent the morning watching the Tour de France (yay, July, time to watch the Phil and Paul show again :), and plan to do a little ride of my own later this afternoon.  Mood good.

Alejandro ValverdeSpeaking of the Tour, Alejandro Valverde got off to a great start, winning the first stage in fine fashion with a late charge up the climb to the finish, and took the first yellow jersey.  He definitely has the talent to win, but does he have the stamina?  In past grand tours he has faded toward the end.  Stay tuned - we'll see!

I have to say parenthetically, I am so glad I have a "real" Tivo now.  I can't believe I ever thought a Moxi was good enough.  It found and recorded the Tour automatically of course, but the real thing is the UI; a simple bleep bleep and you're watching, then simple bleeps to move forward and back, skip commercials, pause, etc.  Really great.

Also related; Google now lets you see the Tour de France with a street view!  How cool is that... pretty soon they'll have live video from one of the bikes :)

LGF reports on 1,200 soldiers who've reenlisted to mark July Fourth.  Thank you all!

Huh, apparently Intuition can be explained.  It seems like that should be true, but I can't explain why I think so :)

"stars and a stripe" - supernova remnantHere's a pretty awesome picture of the day: a thin section of a supernova, entitled "stars and a stripe".  Beautiful and amazing.  [ via LGF ]

Slashdot notes Cassini's Primary Mission Ends, Two-year Extension Begins.  How cool is that?  Our unmanned space programs seem to be consistently exceeding expectations...  certainly the photos and scientific information we've received from Cassini and its Huygens probe have been incredible.



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