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Monday,  06/16/08  10:38 PM

Hi all - still basking the in glow of Father's Day here...  and enjoying "summer" (yeah I know not yet but it feels like it).

You know what's cool?  So I posted these old cycling trip reports from Granada and Asturias, when I visited (and rode) Vuelta de Espana stages, and somehow the web found them and now I'm getting a bunch of links and hits from people in Spain!  Hola!

I think this might work; John McCain tries positioning Barack Obama as having a Sept 10 mindset.  That resonates for me.

Techcrunch bans AP stories.  So be it.  This is pretty weird, that after all this time the AP would think they could prevent linking and quoting by blogs.  And that they would want to...

BusinessWeek: The iPhone's impact on rivals.  I actually think the biggest impact has been on cellular providers, given the exclusivity AT&T enjoy.  RIM and Palm and Motorola and Nokia and Samsung continue to have distribution because of that.

And of course another big impact has been on consumers; those who don't actually buy an iPhone benefit from lower prices set to compete against iPhones.  As a Sprint Centro customer, I say bring it on!

I seldom mention TidBits, Adam Engst's weekly Mac newsletter which has been continuously published since 1990, but I read it every week, and it remains a valuable resources; check out for example these iPhone details and this Centro review.  Weekly newsletters have had to adapt to the "instant" news world by adding perspective and providing analysis (just like weekly magazines), and TidBits does.

Innovative Watertechture in the Dead SeaThis is way cool: Innovative Watertecture in the Dead Sea.  "In the Dead Sea region, control of water is a source of political friction and presents an ecological quandary that threatens the drinking supply for inhabitants. A research project from New York-based architect Phu Hoang Office seeks to address and solve these site specific issues with ‘No Man’s Land’, a series of artificial islands that would provide recreation, tourist attractions, renewable energy, and create fresh water."  Excellent.  Now to pay for it...

the Think OxGood work: Mythbusters prove electric vehicles outperform gas.  Now, where I can I buy one?  I want an electric vehicle (not to be confused with a gas-powered vehicle like a hybrid).  It should be big enough to hold me, my friend, and my bike, and it should look like a car, not a golf cart.  Is that too much to ask?  {I'd take a Think Ox, pictured at right, but I can't buy one...}

Here's some important research: Chocolate has been found to be a potent anti-cancer agent.  Excellent, now I know why I love chocolate so much.  I'm sure red wine enhances the effect, too :)

Gerard Vanderleun's synchronicity...  I love it.

Jason Burns notes the LATimes breaking news.  They are beyond parody.

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