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Monday,  05/26/08  11:26 PM

TivoHDI had a great weekend, thanks for asking...  one of the highlights was installing my new TivoHD, which meant I could joyfully disconnect my Time Warner Motorola DVR.  Whew.  A lowlight would be the crash I had yesterday in the middle of a great long ride.  I am now the king of Motrin...

On Memorial Day Powerline asks Are we Safer?  Most of the people who ask this imply that the answer is "no", but really when you look at reality, the answer is "yes"; there have been no terrorist attacks against or inside the U.S. in five years.  Wow.

So I am still really enjoying my new Centro.  While in Ventura, having a cappuccino in a Starbucks, I was able to locate the building easily and view it using Google Maps.  I felt like waving to the satellite.  Who needs a GPS?

Isn't it weird that such an amazing capability could be free?

Alberto Contador is in pink; today he took over the lead in the Giro d'Italia.  I predict he will not relinquish it, either.

Rowan and MartinSadly, Dick Martin has died.  Laugh-In was one of the most influential TV shows of all time, and Dick was an essential ingredient; a straight man who didn't get it, but enjoyed it anyway.  Goodnight, Dick.

Mars Lander landing!The Mars Lander has landed!  Successfully, all systems are go.  That is awesome.  At right is an amazing picture of the lander landing, taken by the Mars orbiter.  How cool is that?  [ via LGF ]

Samsung has announced a 256GB solid state disk.  Here we go...  assuming the price comes down, why wouldn't every laptop have one?



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