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Tuesday,  05/20/08  11:19 PM

So now I am truly back; went down to my office in Vista today, feeling rather groggy; spent the day there, and did a nice 40-mile ride along the beach from Oceanside to Leucadia.  I think I'm back in the Pacific Time Zone, and everything feels pretty much the same...  of course the memories of my trip are still there.

nuclear power: cooling towersWired: Inconvenient Truths: What it Means to Be Green.  The number one misconception is nuclear power, of course, the greenest form of entropy we have.  It is so great to see the media begin to accept this truth, which will make it easier for everyone.  Other green myths include that cities are bad (they're better than suburbs), and that air conditioning is bad (it's better than heating).  Read the whole thing...

Robert MondaviSadly, Robert Mondavi has passed away at 94.  He will be missed, although his wines live on.  I think sampling one soon would be an appropriate way to remember him!

AppleInsider reports Apple's Mac sales up 50 percent in April.  There are three things operating here, first, Macs are good computers, second, Vista has screwed up the PC market (Dell and HP must be really worried), and third, the "halo effect" from the iPhone.  This trend is set to continue.  I keep saying this, but really, what is Microsoft going to do about Vista?  The trainwreck continues.

Mark Andreessen: Department of High Irony, Napster Edition.  "You can't make this stuff up...  Napster [is] planning on offering its complete catalog of more than 6 million tracks in the unprotected [DRM-free] MP3 format."  Prediction: it will not dent the iTunes store.  At least not at $0.99/song.  Now at $0.00/song, that would be a different matter...

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