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Saturday,  05/17/08  05:35 PM

My stay in Toledo, Spain has been pretty hectic – a two-day Pathology show at which I gave a couple of presentations (well received, of course :) and a DICOM working group meeting this morning (was it really only this morning?) which went great.  Last night we had a killer tour of old Toledo (did you know this is where marzipan was invented?  How cool is that!) and tonight an amazing banquet in an ancient monastery, complete with flamenco dancers.  Afterward some of my Spanish colleagues took me out to a sixteenth-century church which has been converted into a night club.  So we walk in at 1:00AM and the place is packed, with Bob Marley blasting (acoustics were wonderful) and everyone dancing.  Awesome.  Sometimes I look at my life and say, how did I get here…  I don’t remember when we got back, exactly, another night of not quite enough sleep.

ocelotThe Chicago Tribune has a nice photo gallery of endangered and threatened mammals.  Includes the ocelot (pictured, click to enlarge).

Gumpert electric carThis is way cool: TTAC reports Gumpert Electric Vehicle enters 24-hour Nurburgring Race.  "The tiny Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur is entering the grueling endurance race with a hybrid-electric version of its Apollo supercar. Out comes the Apollo's 4.2-liter Audi V8; in goes a 3.3 bi-turbo V6 with a Lithium Technology Corporation battery mated to a 100kW electric engine. The EV will charge its batteries by plugging into the electrical grid prior to the race."  Excellent.

Speaking of electric cars, C|Net has an interview with Elon Musk, chairman of Tesla.

Dog bites man: Developers prefer XP over Vista.  I really wonder how this is going to end; the trainwreck at Microsoft is extensive and ongoing.  This article goes on to note developers are targeting Office 2003...

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