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Friday,  04/25/08  10:05 PM

Greetings...  I am in the middle of a hard drive recovery, so if I seem a bit snippy you'll understand.  On the other hand it was a gorgeous day and I had a good ride, and my daughter Jordan is visiting, and other good things happened, so how bad is it really.  I'm listening to old Trower today.  As Joe Walsh says I can't complain but sometimes I still do :)

So as part of my hard drive recovery I visited the candy store Fry's Electronics today, and found a 1TB external USB2 hard drive for $189.  Yes this is not a typo, that is 1TB for $189.  Wow.  There was one per customer so I bought two :)

acomdata 1TB external driveThis is what 4,000 digital slides looks like!  The little blue light along the front even flashes purple when the drive is accessed, so you get a light show to go with your inexpensive bits...

HancockLooks like I'm going to have to see Hancock...

Brad Feld nails it: Why more stress is not inevitable.  "As I look back over the past decade, my intensity level hasn't changed much since the turn of the century. However, my stress level has changed dramatically."  Me, too.  Cycling is the key for me, YMMV...

But here is something you can get stressed out about: the Columbia Tariff Ticker.  Not much of a Heh for this one, I'm afraid; this deal makes all kinds of sense, except maybe in an election year...

The latest in the Microsoft - Yahoo saga - Microsoft announces flat revenues and a big drop in profit.  Still, as long as there are no other bidders in the fray, this deal seems inevitable.  I am not rooting for it, however; I think Yahoo will deliver more cool stuff outside the borg than in it.

Chilirec - Tivo for Internet radio.  I've often wondered why nobody had done this, maybe there's no business model.  Although that doesn't seem to stop people from doing stuff...

The Scientist reports Darwin hits Dating.  "Web sites attract beautiful people who use 'natural selection' to eliminate the imperfect."  Um, not.  This would be artificial selection, right?  You would expect The Scientist to get this right.

wine-a-bitMy new motto.
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I really wasn't snippy at all, was I?

Have a fantastic weekend, and see you on the other side :)



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