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midnight special

Tuesday,  04/22/08  11:05 PM

You won't believe this, but I have to share it anyway.

I had a crappy day, but it ended great.  I am now enjoying a steak and a glass of Pinot after a nice ride.  A great ride actually.  I had a bad / complicated day at work, spent the day jumping onto the front lines.  It was a day of revelations followed by triage followed by quick decisions to move forward.  Frustrating :(  I almost didn't ride after work because I was frazzled and cold and just didn't feel like it.  But sometimes when you're frazzled riding helps.  And music.  So I take off for Oceanside, and almost the first song my iPod dials up is Midnight Special, by Creedence Clearwater.  This has to be the world’s oldest song, but their version rocks.  Pretty soon I’m smiling and warming up and defrazzling.  I decide to random play Creedence – haven't listened to them in a while - and it was excellent.  I get to the pier in Oceanside just in time to watch the sun set into the ocean, and my iPod selects Long as I can see the Light.  And then I ride down along the ocean, and as I get to Leucadia the moon appears, and my iPod gives me Bad Moon Rising.  I am not making this up, I had chills, it was that excellent.  I get back and I decide yes I need a steak and some Pinot.  So here I am.  And as I walk into the restaurant the house sound system plays… Midnight Special.  Whoa.