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Sunday,  04/20/08  09:25 PM

I had a nice weekend, at home (although I spent part of it mountain biking yesterday, and we had a triple birthday celebration today).  I also seemed to spend a lot of time cold and hungry.  Turns out you can't eat your way to being warmer...  although I tried.  Anyway let's make a scan of the blogosphere, shall we?

Bond's Aston Martin goes for a swimThis should be severely punished: 'Bond' car plunges into Italian lake.  Waste of a beautiful Aston Martin.  They should use Chevys as a sort of stunt double, don't you think?

Randall Parkers says Time to Think about Petroleum Oil Substitutes.  "It is time to move beyond a discussion of why oil prices have gone so high and focus on the prospects for substitutes. In particular, a realistic discussion of the future liquid fuels ought to center around the costs of substitute liquid fuels such as algae biodiesel, cellulosic ethanol, and coal-to-liquid. We will be able to reduce the relative portion of transportation powered by liquid fuels by use of more electricity and batteries in transportation. But for at least a portion of our transport needs (e.g. airplanes, longer distance vehicles) we will continue to need liquid fuels."  Yeah, that's right.  Nobody is talking about electric airplanes.  Yet.

non-transitive dice!I don't know how I missed this, but I did (and I even read Fortune's Formula): Non-transitive Dice.  A beats B beats C beats D ... beats A.  I love it.  As did [apparently] Albert Einstein...  This is one of those things, you see that it works, but you don't see how it works.

From the "I hate liability lawsuits" file: Philip Greenspun notes Airplane engine manufacturer loses $4 million judgment.  "An engineer might say 'it is impressive that those engines spun flawlessly for thirty years, not quitting until this pilot flew them right into the ground.' A jury saw this accident differently, ordering TCM to pay $4 million to the survivors of the pilot."  At some point there has to be some correlation of responsibilty to liability, doesn't there?

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