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Tuesday,  04/08/08  09:50 PM

Another good day, although perhaps not flawless like yesterday.  Didn't get a ride in, for one thing; too cold.  I did learn that my daughter Megan received a Student-of-the-Month award for her academics, so that was cool; Yay, Megan!  And the new Aperio building experience continues to be excellent.  In the meantime, it's all happening...

Obamanomics: (From Michelle, not Barack): "The truth is, in order to get things like universal health care and a revamped education system, then someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more."  There it is, right there, the #1 reason why I have evolved into a Republican.  This the great economic fallacy that lies behind all the victimology I dislike so much.  Let's make the pie bigger, huh, and then everyone can benefit!  [ via Glenn Reynolds ]

Powerline notes on General Petraeus' testimony before the senate: Hillary weighs in.  "A reminder of how junior she is in the Senate, notwithstanding that her campaign is based largely on her purported experience.  Clinton consumed most of her allotted time by delivering a speech rather than asking questions. Her speech was notable for its defensiveness and for the fact that it ignored the hours of testimony that went before."  Scary.  The "weighs in" headline was well-chosen for the implication that her approach lacks the gravitas one would like to see in a President.

baby owl found in fighter jetExcellent story of the day, and winner, best picture: Owl found in the cockpit of fighter jet.  This baby screech owl was found by sailors in a cockpit on the Harry S. Truman carrier.  "If this owl was hiding in a cockpit while a jet was on the catapult. It could possibly bring a jet down if the pilot freaks out because an owl is flying around in his cockpit".  Yeah, I could see that might present a problem.  [ via Inhabitat ]

Sadly it appears this week's Tour of the Basque Country will be our only chance to watch Cadell Evans race against Alberto Contador.  (Contador is the defending Tour de France champion, but his team Astana have not been invited to compete in this year's Tour.)  Let's hope for a great dual leading up to next Saturday's deciding time trial...

Well I am unsubscribing from Tom's Hardware.  Bye byte.  It began as a gritty and personal review site, an excellent resource for understanding the minutae of PC hardware; they did low-level testing of memory and processors, and gave you the real dirt.  But two things have happened, first, the site has turned into a flabby general purpose portal, linking all sorts of "news" which I can read anywhere, and second, the importance of low level hardware information has decreased.  Somehow knowing that this Intel processor is faster at block transfers than this AMD processor has become irrelevant.  The signal to noise has decreased, and the signal itself has decreased, so it's gone.  (Plus, they have ads in their RSS feed - yuk!)

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