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Tuesday,  03/18/08  11:29 PM

John McCainHendrik Hertzberg often writes editorials in the New Yorker, and he usually engages in relentless Bush-bashing (or Republican-bashing).  He writes well and thoughtfully, so much so that although I disagree with him, I don't mind reading it.  This week however he wrote about John McCain in a pretty positive way, and makes an interesting suggestion: Condoleezza Rice for Vice President!  "This space is usually devoted to pristine moral reasoning, but, hell, it’s an election year. Let’s get down and dirty. If McCain really wants to have it all—to refurbish his maverick image without having to flip-flop on the panderings that have tarnished it; to galvanize the attention of the press, the nation, and the world; to make a bold play for the center without seriously alienating “the base”—then he can avail himself of a highly interesting option: Condoleezza Rice."  Hey, I could go for that.  Not because she's a woman, and not because she's black, but because she's a pretty interesting choice; experienced, intelligent, and balanced.  Unfortunately I fear it won't happen because McCain will have to avoid any link to the present Bush administration.

Did you know that Rice is third in line to be President?  I didn't...  apparently the succession order is Vice President, Speaker, Secretary of State.  That would make her the closest a woman has ever come, already.  Update: Of course that is wrong, Nancy Pelosi is Speaker.  How quickly I forget :)  Another update (thanks, Shawn): Apparently Henrik Hertzberg got it wrong; the succession order is VP, Speaker, President Pro Tempore of the Senate, Secretary of State, so Rice is fourth.  BTW I had to look it up, President Pro Tempore is the most senior Senator of the majority party; currently Robert Byrd...

Barack Obama made his case with me for being President by giving a great speech yesterday.  It wasn't what he said, it was what he did; there was a problem (his association with Jeremiah Wright), and he took immediate action to deal with it (gave the speech).  He didn't disown Wright, and he didn't deny his involvement in Wright's church - both of those things would have made him look defensive - instead he used the opportunity to move forward.  I don't agree with Obama on many things, but he does have the Right Stuff to be President.

So it begins: Landis begins final appeal against doping ban.  Good Luck, Floyd!  I give him no chance at all, but yet I profoundly believe he is innocent, and more importantly that no proof has been made that he is not.  One might well say - as Floyd has - that the system itself is on trial.  Update: Velonews has a nice timeline of the case.

How to IPO in a tough market: Visa shows how it is done.  (Having a massive network effect is nice :)

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