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United Express angel

Wednesday,  03/05/08  11:28 PM

A lot of times on blogs you read about bad customer service.  This is not one of those times.

My Treo has a nifty feature; when you're in another timezone, it not only reports the local time, but it converts everything on your calendar to the local time, too.  I started the day in Denver, with all my times off by an hour.  I had a plane flight at 11:00, which the Treo helpfully converted to 12:00.  I realized this at 9:30, while in my hotel room.  Yeah.

United Express JetI packed in 5 minutes, dashed to the airport (of course Denver's airport is way outside the city), returned the car (of course the Avis lot is way outside the airport), impatiently waited my way through security, ran through the airport (of course my gate was in Outer Mongolia), and barely got there just to watch them close the door.  Crap :(  But an angel disguised as a United Express agent talked the pilot into reopening the door and they let me on!  Even reopened the cargo hold to throw my bag in there.  How golden was that?

I know airlines don't get a lot of credit for customer service, but it all comes down to individual people and whether they care.  And one person caring sure changed my life today.  Thank you unknown United Express angel!

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