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no country for wussies

Tuesday,  02/26/08  07:15 PM

Okay, here it is:  As of tonight's debate, I can't stand Clinton or Obama.  What a couple of wussies.  They don't deserve to represent the Democratic Party, and they certainly don't deserve to be President of this awesome country.  They are squabbling over who can best put America down.  Yeah, we have problems, but man we are the greatest country on earth, and we didn't get that way through being wimps.  I can't stand it any more.  John McCain, take me, I'm yours.  And if you can't beat either of these two wussies, we're in big trouble.

PS: This will be the second time in a row that the Democrats squander a golden chance to win the Presidency by managing to end up with a complete wuss as their candidate.

BTW: I'm sorry, but this bothers me and this does too.  I know, they're Halloween costumes, I know...