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Sunday,  02/10/08  07:20 PM

Today was a good day; I rode with my friends Mark and Peter in the Amgen Breakaway from Cancer ride (50 miles) and the weather was perfect.  (Meanwhile, in the Midwest, not so perfect; brrr...)  Then I fixed a nasty bug, and am working on some stuff which is way past due finally.  All good.  And in the wider world...

Why John McCain might just win.  Isn't it weird that the Democrats have squandered their huge lead?  A year ago nobody would have given any Republican candidate a chance.

Mike Arrington analyzes the "no" from Yahoo.  "It sure does look like Yahoo grew a pair over the last week, and that this 'no' may really just be a 'no'... Whatever happens, this is great stuff. Yahoo is being bold. It may be a whimper, but it’s a bold whimper. And I'm damned excited to see what happens next."  He also noted Microsoft's $80B headache.  Since the Yahoo offer was made public, Microsoft's market cap has dropped by $38B, nearly what they offered for Yahoo.  So that means they're really offering $80B.  Wow.  And finally, the latest rumor is that Yahoo might merge with AOL.  I'm not as down on that as Mike is; I think I'd rather see AOLhoo than Microhoo.

Wired's first issueJohn Battelle notes Wired Magazine's 15th anniversary.  Wow 15 years!  And I've been a subscriber for every issue; I actually remember that first issue, it was so different, and exotic!  Quoting from Wired was a sure way to say "I'm cool".  They've hung in there pretty well, I wouldn't say they are [yet] Tired, despite Conde Naste having bought them.  The worst thing about the magazine today is the worst thing about almost all magazines these days, the relentless liberal politics.

CERN consoleRobertScoble on the Large Hadron collider.  Way cool.  He also links a bunch of pictures he took while at CERN, including the console at right.

Can I just say, it is so nice to have a text post, Robert.  I'm telling you, maybe a whole bunch of people watch your videos, but there's no substitute for a good old fashioned text post....

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