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Tuesday,  01/29/08  11:23 PM

I'm traveling this week, posting may be light.  If not nonexistent :)

Powerline speculate that with the results in Florida there will be a Run on the Bank; and Giuliani will withdraw from the race, possibly positioning himself to be McCain's VP running mate.  I could live with that. 

Set your Tivo!  Tonight Mythbusters will air their recreation and analysis of the airplane on a conveyor belt puzzle (Wednesday at 9PM EST).  [ via Kottke ]  BTW David Pogue wrote a great analysis of this problem a year ago. 

The death of influentials?  Clive Thompson ponders whether "influentials" - who are so charismatic and well-connected that they can start or accelerate trends - have less influence than before, given online communications.  I'm not sure.  I think some people have become more influential.  Clive Thompson himself might be an example :) 

Argh!  Joel Spolsky notes :CueCat is back.  "The number of dumb things going on here exceeds my limited ability to grok all at once. I'm a bit overwhelmed with what a feeble business idea this is."  Yes, even Google can have a bad idea, in fact, they seem to be having more and more of them as they grow...