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yesterday in NH

Wednesday,  01/09/08  08:20 AM

Some quick thoughts about the New Hampshire primaries while drinking coffee...  So McCain won pretty handily over Romney, and Clinton won by a smaller margin over Obama.  New Hampshire is a much better predictor of the way "the country" feels than Iowa (or Wyoming), so these two would appear to be the front-runners.  Reassuringly they are also the two most centerist candidates for their respective parties, Romney and Thompson and Huckabee are to the right of McCain, and Obama and Edwards are to the left of Clinton.  I can support McCain - we disagree about a lot, but agree on the things which are most important to me - but I'm not sure I can support Clinton.  More study seems indicated.

Watching the candidates' "victory" speeches, I was struck that Clinton really seemed focused on beating Obama (why I'm better), not on what she would do if she were elected (why I'm good).  And yet, so was McCain!

This morning while driving Alexis (14) to school we talked about this a bit (my subject, not hers :).  It is fascinating that we've reached the point where a woman and a black man are serious candidates, in fact at this point it seems likely that one or the other will represent the Democratic party.  That's progress, right?

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