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me and Fred Thompson

Wednesday,  01/02/08  08:52 PM

I haven't found any candidates I like for President yet, but on the eve of the Iowa caucuses I'm shopping.  Glenn Reynolds linked to this video from Fred Thompson:

I watched it, and I must say I liked it.  Not only what he said, but how he said it, and that he said it; a 15 minute video like this tells me a lot more than a 60 second attack ad.  (That means you, John McCain, your negativity is showing...)

Maybe he's really a Reagan conservative, or maybe he just wants to look like one :)

Coincidentally I found Glassboth on Digg.  This is a little website that asks you what you think is important, and then asks you some "position" questions, and suggests the candidates you will like (from both parties).  In my case, the best fit was - ta da - Fred Thompson, followed closely by John McCain.  (I guess I've become a Republican!)  Here are the results:

Glassbooth: me and Fred Thompson

The biggest difference we have is over immigration.  I strongly oppose a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, while Fred "opposes blanket amnesty programs, but [is] willing to consider allowing some illegal immigrants to earn citizenship without being unfair to those here legally."  That sounds far apart, but I suspect we aren't really; earning citizenship is fine with me, too, as long as it takes more than showing up to earn it.  My parents came to the U.S. from The Netherlands and earned their citizenship, and so I'm from Missouri on this one.

Related: Powerline reports No Buses Necessary.  "A prominent canard in the debate over illegal immigration is the claim that, should we begin to enforce our immigration laws, we would be faced with the prospect of deporting 10 million or more illegals--an impossible logistical task, according to many pro-illegal immigration commentators.  The conservative response has always been that no such deportation would be necessary; that if we enforced our laws, illegals would return across the border the same way they came."  Absolutely.

Anyway it looks like maybe I'm a Fred Thompson supporter.  I'll continue to monitor; it should be an interesting election...

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