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Monday,  11/21/05  07:40 PM

Okay, I'm back!

Maybe for a little while, maybe for a long time, who knows, we'll see.  I haven't posted now for three months, my longest gap ever. 

The new ScanScope CS!The biggest reason has been my little company Aperio, which is poised to become a lot bigger; we settled a patent lawsuit, launched a cool new product (pictured at right), and then closed a nice financing round.  In between we hosted our first customer conferences.  Having lived it thrice before, I'm braced for the whiplash of shifting gears from frugal bootstrapping to aggresive growth.  It's all good and all time consuming.

Amazingly, Critical Section still gets traffic; there are a lot of old links lying around out there, and new ones created all the time (thanks, Scott).  And I keep encountering new cool stuff every day; I now have a backlog of over 200 RSS items I've kept as worthy for future linking.

That said, I'm going to try to be a bit less of a linker, and a bit more of a thinker.  There are so many good linkblogs around now!  And with RSS, it is easily possible to monitor hundreds of feeds and skim them rapidly for content.  So.  My utility as a filter is probably reduced :(  But my utility as a thinker might be increased :)  We'll see.

I'm going to start with something I've been wanting to post for a while, an essay I wrote 15 years ago, called Second Gear.  That'll be a nice way to get started, and after that, we'll see.  Enjoy!

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