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Sunday,  07/31/05  10:26 AM

Gosh, it's nice to be back.  I actually peeked at my server logs this morning, and guess what?  When you post stuff, people come read it!  I love it that you-all haven't left for good.  I even had some links yesterday, thank you.  I really have to stop these big gaps in posting.

I think I get into this mode where I have to post "everything".  I stop posting for a little while, and suddenly "everything" becomes a lot, and then I feel like I need time to catch up, which I don't have...  so I don't post at all.  Silly.  Right now I have 155 items in SharpReader waiting to be linked.  Are they all that important?  No.  You've probably seen most of them already, and even if you haven't, I doubt very much that you depend on Critical Section for news.  The one's that are most interesting and important, well, we'll get around to linking them.  The others will be quietly dropped, with no consequences.

Anyway, thanks for tuning in again and please stay tuned!