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dog whinage

Saturday,  07/30/05  10:47 AM

I'm sitting in my back yard this morning, blogging, and yeah my posts are all over the map.  Hey, when you visit my blog, you get what you pay for, and it's worth just about what you pay for it :)

Anyway, right now there's this dog at one of my neighbor's houses which is whining.  I mean, really whining.  What to do, if anything?

I am a militant neighbor when it comes to dog barkage.  If you have dog, and it is barking in the middle of night, you are going to find a note on your door from me (with my name, address, and phone number) asking you to do something about it.  Most people are nice but a few years ago someone was not nice, and they ended up with the police at their door.  That's how it goes, you are not allowed to disturb your neighbors in the middle of the night.  Okay.

Here it is, the middle of the day.  You are allowed to make noise in the middle of the day.  And this dog isn't barking, it is crying.  This isn't barkage, it is whinage.  There is a problem over there.  Maybe the owners aren't home?  But dogs get used to that, I don't think he's crying just because he's lonely.  Maybe he's hungry, or maybe he can't reach his favorite bone?  Don't know.  But this is not a pleasant noise, and I want to do something about it!  My beautiful Saturday morning is flawed by these urgent sounds from a fellow creature in distress.

Well, maybe I won't do anything.  Some things you just cannot control.  Could be time for a bike ride :)